HubSpot WorkflowMAX Integration Tool

To set up the integration, get started by creating an account below. (Note: 1. You just have to do this once. 2. This is NOT your HubSpot or WorkflowMAX login credentials.)

Alert: Effective 20 March 2020, Xero has temporarily suspended issuance of new WorkflowMAX API keys. These keys are needed to connect the integration to WorkflowMAX. We do not recommend signing up for the integration until this issue is resolved. This message will be updated when API keys are available again.

You will need both HubSpot and WorkflowMAX accounts to use this integration.

*Note: After a free trial period of 30 days, the integration is billed at a variable rate, depending on the number of staff members you have in WorkflowMAX. Click here for details.

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